Gift Selection

lemeridienboston gift selection

Selecting the right gift for someone can often be time consuming and troublesome, as you are often not sure what the person would like and do not want to get them something that will be put in draw 5 minutes later and forgotten about. That is neither of much use to them and it is a waste of money for you. Now however, you can go online to and easily and quickly find a gift that will be appropriate and useful and to add to that, it will also be unique and often becomes a talking point, something that the recipient will want to carry with them on every possible occasion.

Although all the gifts were originally designed for men, due to demand the company now also makes some which are equally suitable for women, should they want them. All the gifts are made from used military ammunition but are designed to look as if they are unused. Either that or, if they are not actually made from used military ammunitions, they are designed to look as if they have been. One of the top selling gifts is a bottle opener made from a used 50mm cartridge whilst other gifts include coasters, key chains, cuff links or shot glasses.

All the items available on the site can be individually engraved or etched with details that will make them unique, never duplicated. For instance, if a bottle opener is bought as a gift for the best man at a wedding, the opener can be engraved with their name, the date and the inscription “Best Man”. Although often in dark colours, the gifts designed for women are available in brighter colours but are basically similar in that they are designed after military ammunition and can be personalized as requested.

These gifts have become very popular and in fact, in order to meet demands, the company now also makes items for use in bars and clubs. Some of these items include pint glasses, beer trays and beer pump handles, all of which can also be personalized to requests. Some of the bars and clubs that requested these items are ones which have a lot of veterans as customers and the reason why they made the requests is because an amount from each sale is donated to one of the veteran’s charities or organizations.

As the founders of the company are themselves veterans, they also donate a percentage of the cost of individual gifts to veteran’s organizations and charities, something that is appreciated by all veterans and also by many others as well.

To give a gift is always a pleasure but that pleasure is added to if the gift is useful and seen to be used on many occasions and the nature of these gifts means that they often are. The fact that when you buy one of these gifts as a gift for one person, you are also making a gift to a veteran; makes the giving of the gift even more rewarding.