Places in Austin, Texas that You Will Want to Go To

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America is truly a great country and that there are a lot of places that you will really want to visit and experience.

Probably one of the states in the US that you will really want to go to is Texas as it offers one to experience what the wild West has to offer.

Of the many cities that one can go to in Texas; one place that you will really want to visit is the city of Austin. What’s great about Austin is that it offers a lot of really great sights and sounds as well as experiences that you will really want to be a part of. Below are some of the best places in Austin in Texas that you will really want to visit.

Probably the first place that you will want to go to when in Austin is the Texas State Capitol. The structure is quite big; featuring 3 main floors as well as 3 underground ones. Aside from the huge structure; what’s great about the Texas State Capitol is that it offers a rich history and that the guided tour that you can take part in while visiting the building will allow you to learn as much as possible about the state of Texas.

The next place that you will want to go to while in Austin is the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike trail. What’s great about this travel destination is that you will be able to see and experience what Austin offers in terms of nature-related destinations. Also, whether you choose to hike through the trail or maybe rent a bike to go through it; you will be able to see the Austin hills, the Botanical Gardens as well as the Barton springs that are within the vicinity.

Another attraction that you will really want to go to while in Austin is the One World Theatre.

What’ great about the One World Theatre is that it is a place where some of the best entertainment events in the area happens. The theatre is the venue for concerts and shows of both local and international acts, you will really get to experience great entertainment from the theatre.

Aside from the awesome and highly entertaining acts that you will get to see in the theatre; the theatre will also be able to enhance your show viewing experience thanks to the fact that the theatre is quite small and cozy; offering only a 300 person seating capacity. What’s great about this is that the show that you will be seeing will feel more intimate and intense, and will definitely make the whole experience that much more memorable when compared to watching the show in other venues.

If you are interested in experiencing the One World Theatre, is the website that you will want to visit. What’s great about the website is that it has a complete list of schedule of the acts that will be performing in the theatre, and that you will also get links to websites or services that will allow you to purchase tickets for shows in the theatre that you will want to go to. With this, your show viewing experience at the One World Theatre will be a lot less of a hassle to book.